Letters to the Editor

"The way in which the nonpartisan doctrine is being communicated to the city is both confusing and secretive. This is precisely why I believe in working closely with other Democrats, Republicans and Independents. No one political party is an island unto themselves. All parties have their own strengths and weaknesses."
Hopkinsville city seal
Supporters of a Thursday dinner church at Aaron McNeil have made it possible to provide more than 1,000 meals. During the coronavirus pandemic, all of the meals are now served to go.
Director of dinner church thanks donors and asks community for continued backing
When health experts uniformly advise that a crisis is coming, it's wise to heed their counsel and to take certain precautions to stem catastrophe.
Love your neighbor by following stay-at-home order and practicing social distancing
The entire staff of the Christian County Court Clerk’s Office are to be commended for the professionalism that was shown to all parties involved during this entire process.
nickel tax
"If our community disagrees about who is to blame for the condition of our high schools, can we stop the mud slinging and agree to view this as a wake up call to pay more attention and unite to move forward?"
nickel tax illustration
The nickel tax will allow our community to begin addressing our aging high schools, Jack Lackey, attorney for the Christian County Board of Education, writes in his letter to the editor.
nickel tax
Passing an ordinance that fines panhandlers is not a viable solution. Worse yet, a monetary penalty meted out to the poor is not only sadly irrational but morally wrong.
City’s plan to curb panhandling is wrong approach
April Cotthoff, who lives near the rail-trail and runs on it, described the importance of the trail at a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 3.
April Cotthoff


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