Local government news from Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

So far, more than 11,000 applications for FEMA aid have been received from the residents in the storm’s lengthy path.
Tornado-impacted Ky. residents’ deadline to apply for FEMA, SBA assistance approaching
Noting that his executive branch is masked up, the Democratic governor said, "We have not had a major outbreak that I think they’re seeing on the legislative side. That’s because masks work."
legislators not wearing masks
The Kentucky Democratic Party, Rep. Derrick Graham and four residents announced they would sue to block the maps, arguing they violate the Kentucky Constitution by splitting counties into multiple districts “without legitimate purpose” and more times than is necessary to create districts of roughly equal size.
Lawmakers override Beshear vetoes, Dems sue to block redistricting maps
Officials said they were closing city offices in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.
City hall will be closed Thursday and Friday
The most notable feature of that bill, would extend Hopkinsville's 1st Congressional district from the westernmost tip of Kentucky all the way to Frankfort in central Kentucky.
Beshear vetoes GOP redistricting maps, citing ‘political gerrymandering’
Proponents said the bill streamlines the licensure process and allows for new services.
Kentucky Senate adopts assisted living reforms
Most Ky. children who die or nearly die from abuse or neglect are under 3. They’re disproportionately Black. And more than 70% were part of a family that had been assessed or investigated by the state.
Ky. suspicious child deaths rising as state investigation backlog grows
Advocates say school nurses help students stay healthy, can be an important resource, and can also help identify and address mental health issues.
school classroom
First Amendment advocates point out that such information is already blocked by privacy laws — and the new legislation could create a chilling effect for those making and responding to open records requests because of the penalties.
Ky. lawmakers revive bill to shield records about public officers
Americans can expect to receive the tests within seven to 12 days of placing an order through the website.
Free COVID-19 tests are now available from the federal government


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