Christian County Health Department deserves a pat on the back

When Mike Quitter of Hopkinsville hears of other places taking a week or more to provide COVID-19 test results, he feels thankful for the system put in place by the Christian County Health Department.
by Mike Quitter,

To the Editor, Hoptown Chronicle,

The employees of the Christian County Health Department deserve an “attaboy” for their response to the coronavirus pandemic. The testing program that they have been running at the Stadium of Champions for several months is the smoothest operation that I’ve ever seen. Anyone can go there and get tested for free. The procedure runs like clockwork. No matter how busy they are, you are through the line in no time at all. Results are given within 48 hours. Because of various demands with grandchildren, my wife, Pam, and I have each had a number of tests. Each time we received the results within 36 hours. When I hear other places taking like seven or eight days to get results, I am very happy to have our system in place.

In Colorado, where our daughter Megan lives, getting a COVID-19 test is a major deal. For us, it’s just drive into the parking lot, give them your contact information and that’s it.

They’ve impressed me by the way that they’ve handled the testing program, but what put me over the top with them is the vaccination program. Pam and I are both over 70. She signed us up for the vaccine list several weeks ago. The time for us was projected to be early February. We received an email from the health department about 10 days ago advising that we could get vaccinated now. We both signed up online, received a confirmation online and got vaccinated on Tuesday, Jan. 19. There was a huge line, but we were through the line and stuck within 20 minutes. Once again, as in the case of the testing program, the organization and efficiency of the operation were impressive.

I know that they’re only doing their jobs, but when a government agency does such great work, I feel like someone should give them a pat on the back.

Mike Quitter


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