Holidays 2020

This year's Kwanzaa celebration, returning to Hopkinsville for the third year in a row, is being held virtually.
kwanzaa celebration facebook live
Kids have their own way of judging what's real, and it's not necessarily based on the cost of the Santa suit.
By Center for Rural Strategies
When her son's teacher revealed that Santa was sick, Jennifer Steiner Maddux had an idea. She knew someone who would fit quite well in a Santa suit.
By Jennifer Steiner Maddux
For Celia Blauser, random acts of kindness that she encountered at local post offices captured the spirit of the season.
By Celia Blauser
Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see.
By Hoptown Chronicle
For Merry Beth Tomaszewski, it wasn't one particular gift or big moment that made Christmas special — it was an amalgamation, a collection of traditions, memories, remembrances, and years of love and security that made up a blessed childhood.
By Merry Beth Tomaszewski
Several local organizations provide direct aid to many of the Hopkinsville area families hardest hit by the pandemic and the economic downturn it produced.
By Jennifer P. Brown
Your imagination is a strange thing, especially if you are a child. In the first installment of our Christmas Quartet series, Brenda Hite Lile recalls a time her daughters' imaginations ran wild during a trip to cut down a Christmas tree.
By Brenda Hite Lile
Magically, Santa was able to run simultaneously on three fire trucks at one time Sunday afternoon.
By Jennifer P. Brown
Some restaurants have a deadline to order the weekend before Christmas, so don't wait too long to contact them.
By Jennifer P. Brown
santa christmas cooking
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