Western Ky Storms

On Dec. 10-11, Western Kentucky was ravaged by two destructive long-track tornadoes. The first — an EF4 — clipped the northwest corner of Christian County remained on the ground for more than 165 miles. Two and a half hours later, an EF-2 “took straight aim for the city of Pembroke” and South Christian County, where it caused significant property damage. Then, just weeks later on New Year’s Day, an EF-2 traveled for about a mile through downtown Hopkinsville.

Explore Hoptown Chronicle’s coverage in the days, weeks and months that followed — chronicling initial reports, resident reactions and ongoing recovery efforts.

It's estimated that 3,200 acres were damaged in the north end of LBL around Lyon County and about 3,500 acres were damaged at the south end in Stewart County, Tennessee.
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