Book about Western Kentucky politics earns history award

“The Fall of Kentucky’s Rock," by Muhlenberg County resident George Humphreys, earned a publication award from the Kentucky Historical Society.

When the Kentucky Historical Society presented awards during Kentucky History Day on June 4 in Frankfort, the Hopkinsville museum wasn’t the only honoree from Western Kentucky.

Historian George Humphreys’ book, “The Fall of Kentucky’s Rock: Western Kentucky Democratic Politics Since the New Deal,” earned a publication award from KHS. It was presented to a representative of the University Press of Kentucky on behalf of Humphreys.

“The Fall of Kentucky’s Rock” fills a significant void in the state’s history which has too often overlooked Western Kentucky’s importance to the state’s history,” the author said in a press release. “Readers may be surprised to learn that the region was home to seven governors who served a total of eight full terms from 1931 to 1979.”

Humphreys is a former director of Madisonville Community College campus in Muhlenberg County. He resides in Drakesboro. 

The book “explores the area’s political transformation from a solid Democratic voting block to a conservative stronghold by examining how developments in agriculture, the diversification of the economy, and civil rights movement affected the region,” WKMS reported for a story shortly after the book was published in January. 

Book about Western Kentucky politics earns history award

Jennifer P. Brown | Hoptown Chronicle

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