Election 2020

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said the major election changes made during the pandemic need to have time to work before substantive changes are made.
Michael Adams headshot
An internal Facebook report found that the social media platform’s algorithms enabled disinformation campaigns to reach nearly half of all Americans in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.
Facebook’s algorithms fueled massive foreign propaganda campaigns during the 2020 election – here’s how algorithms can manipulate you
1st District Congressman James Comer has called for a congressional investigation into the election amid what he called “troubling reports of irregularities and improprieties.”
Kentucky certifies election results as top Republicans question outcome in other states
A public break with an unpredictable president could split the Republican Party into Trump and anti-Trump factions, alienating Trump’s base from party leaders.
Opinion: Mitch McConnell has the switch to stop Trump, but will he use it?
The Kentucky lawmaker is the longest-serving Republican leader in Senate history.
McConnell again elected Senate GOP leader
The attorney general has not responded to questions about whether he thought Kentucky mail-in ballots received after Election Day should be thrown out.
Kentucky AG Cameron joins fight against Pennsylvania ballots
A big drop in third-party candidate votes gave both the Democratic and Republican candidates get a larger share of the total vote than they did in 2016.
Trump maintains his large vote margin in rural areas
This marks the third time a positive case has forced all or part of the courthouse to close.
Positive COVID-19 case closes courthouse
The senator's response is in sharp contrast to last year, when he publicly urged then-Gov. Matt Bevin to move on after the election despite Bevin’s unfounded claims of voter fraud.
McConnell refuses to address Trump’s claims of election fraud
The total number of people voting in the 2020 general election was a local record but the percentage fell short of Christian County’s turnout in other presidential elections.
Christian County voter turnout short of election official’s prediction


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