McConnell at least needs to be repeating his statement that the election was legitimate. As a senior member of our government, he has a responsibility to make it worthy of our confidence.
Al Cross: McConnell, through his silence, fails as a leader
Auctions can be theatrical when strategies play out among the bidders and the competition can be fierce.
Every good auction has a story
Here begins a journey of several weeks to see what's growing on the small farms that sell directly to customers in Christian, Todd and Trigg counties.
Road trippin’ through the southern Pennyrile for flowers and vegetable plants
Politics, like horse racing, is worthy of some oddsmaking in the Bluegrass state.
A scratch sheet on Kentucky politics for Derby visitors
After covering the race for 52 years, the sports columnist is often asked to recall what he's seen through the years at Churchill Downs.
Dean of Kentucky Derby journalists guards ‘good and bad’ of race’s history
The tailor J.K. Hooser installed the decorative, colored-glass sign at his shop in the summer of 1914. It survives 105 years later in the 600 block of South Main Street.
An old tailor’s mark endures at downtown property set for auction
Exposure to air pollution similar to diesel exhaust has been linked to long-term chronic health conditions like asthma and hypertension and is especially harmful to elementary school students, whose faster breathing rates and developing lungs make them more susceptible to respiratory illness.
Students: Convert the state’s K-12 bus fleet to electric with COVID relief funds
The Christian County Extension Service recently published a list and maps of numerous independent growers in Christian, Todd and Trigg counties.
A bounty of plants and produce awaits in the southern Pennyrile
A recent national survey showed hesitance to receive the vaccine among some segments of the population. That could hinder the goal of achieving herd immunity.
McConnell: Vaccine doses filled with hope and optimism
An ongoing decline in the role and influence of American houses of worship has become all but unstoppable. It's not one thing, but a perfect storm of factors causing the decline.
church steeple cross
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