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Tell us: How do you feel about the proposed beef processing plant?
For too many people, "Do your own research," means following a social-media post into a rabbit hole of misinformation, or even disinformation from Russians or others, observes columnist Al Cross.
Questioning authority has become too much of a good thing, and it’s killing people
In his youth, and perhaps later, Cassius Clay spent time in Hopkinsville visiting relatives. Clay, who later took the name Muhammad Ali, is the subject of a Ken Burns documentary that starts Sunday evening on PBS.
Ali’s Hopkinsville connection
The New York Times estimates that about 5 million people belong to book clubs. The popular site Goodreads boasts more than 40 million members, and publishers have been known to make decisions based on book club feedback and support.
Corner Coffeehouse book nook
The pandemic has killed 8,000 Kentuckians, so the decisions legislators make are matters of life and death, and indirectly, legislators’ lack of courage will cause the death of some Kentuckians, says columnist Al Cross.
Lack of political courage in the General Assembly is the real issue
Kentucky has been setting records for the numbers of people hospitalized, in intensive care and breathing with the help of a ventilator. And on Friday, our region had reached its ICU capacity.
jennie stuart medical center at night
The short film is based on a cherished holiday memory for writer Julia Maddox, who grew up in Madisonville and Murray.
‘A Coalfield Christmas’ to be filmed in Madisonville and Sturgis
Three windows left for years leaning against an interior wall, while the back of the building's second story was boarded up, have been re-installed.
Windows of opportunity brighten a building restoration
It's going to take the trusted voice of a local physician who is known in her community to carry a message that too many have not taken to heart during the pandemic. More local leaders should speak out.
What isn’t being said about COVID-19 will hurt this community
Lonnie Ali, widow of the most influential Kentuckian ever, speaks her mind and does a better job than anybody of keeping Muhammad Ali’s legacy alive. So why don’t cable TV networks ever invite her to speak on important issues of the day, asks columnists Billy Reed.
In these contentious and uncertain times, the wise words of Muhammad Ali ring truer than ever
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