It is especially significant considering that as of 2018, Kentucky had the third-highest rate in the nation of children who have experienced the incarceration of a parent.
By Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
For the last four days, there haven't been any coronavirus patients hospitalized at Jennie Stuart Medical Center.
By Hoptown Chronicle
To many people, the idea of no longer to wearing masks or physically distancing is hard to reconcile with so many long months of taking precautions and sacrificing our social lives for fear of COVID-19.
By Kaiser Health News
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The UK study is led by Dr. George J. Fuchs III, chief of pediatric gastroenterology and vice chair of pediatric clinical affairs at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.
By Kentucky Health News
The first 25 people who get their vaccine at the church on Wednesday will be treated to a catered lunch.
By Jennifer P. Brown
It’s time to shift the conversation from “the government is telling us what to do” to “how do we solve this problem together,” says a rural health leader.
By The Daily Yonder
The Kentucky Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday over the legislature’s attempt to limit Gov. Andy Beshear’s emergency powers, a day before the governor scheduled coronavirus restrictions are set to expire.
By Kentucky Public Radio
The move, which coincides with the end of the mask mandate he started 11 months ago, marks the turning of a page.
By Kentucky Health News
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As the remaining capacity limits of the pandemic are lifted later this month, some local church leaders reflect on the unprecedented challenges that social distancing brought to their communities.
Faith Lutheran Church
The clinics are planned at Founders Square, the Housing Authority of Hopkinsville and two predominantly Black churches.
By Jennifer P. Brown