As more indoor venues require proof of vaccination and new variants loom, scientists and public health officials are debating when it will be time to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include a booster shot.
By Kaiser Health News
As of Saturday evening, the omicron variant had been detected in at least 15 different states. And while it's too early to say if the most recent variant of concern will be as dangerous as delta, preliminary evidence suggests it may spread faster and be more likely to reinfect individuals who previously contracted coronavirus.
By Julia Hunter
The variant was confirmed by the California and San Francisco departments of public health in an individual who returned to the U.S. from South Africa on Nov. 22.
By Jennifer P. Brown
The decision came from U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, of Louisiana’s western district, and applies to the entire country.
The omicron variant surfaced in November in several southern African nations. It set off alarm bells worldwide when public health officials in South Africa saw it beginning to outcompete the previous reigning variant, delta.
By Kaiser Health News
The ruling is a preliminary win for Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who joined other states suing to block the mandate.
By Kentucky Public Radio
Obesity has been a long-standing health issue in the Ohio Valley and the pandemic has made it worse.
Kentucky tourism has slowly recovered, but industry advocates want a jump start of federal relief money to help market the state.
It's important for all eligible people to get the COVID-19 vaccine to limit the opportunity for spread. This is especially true for children who often have the virus, but don't have any symptoms.
By Kentucky Health News
This is the third national effort Cameron has joined seeking to block federal vaccine mandates in recent weeks.
By Kentucky Public Radio
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