Tyler DeArmond


candidate for 

Christian County
Tyler DeArmond, 39, of Billy Poole Road in Crofton, has served as Christian County Sheriff since 2018. Prior to being elected to the position, he was a member of the Hopkinsville Police Department for 15 years.

If elected, how would you prioritize the reduction of gun violence in Hopkinsville?

Violent crime has been a top priority of mine and this was the bases for creating the Anti Crime Unit. This unit focuses on narcotics, felony apprehension, and violent crimes. We also participate and host several community events to help build relationships with our community. The Sheriff's Office has also assisted, and continues to assist, the Hopkinsville Police Department with calls for service and investigations in hopes to apprehend those responsible for these crimes.

If elected, what steps would you take to reduce drug activity in our community?

When I was first elected, I created the narcotics unit mentioned above. During the first three years we have seized over $100,000 in drug money. I also plan to expand the unit over the next term.

What steps would you take to reduce homelessness in our community?

I will assist and discuss solutions with city leaders to address the issue. The city needs to make this issue a priority in order for down town to grow and be safer, however; the homeless have to be willing to help themselves. There is only so much the community can do. There are advertisements everywhere for job opportunities, so help is already out there for them, they just have to be willing to take the first step.

If elected, how would you help to bridge racial divides in our community?

We have participated in, and created, community events such as Operation Safe Halloween, Citizens Sheriff's Academy, School Lunch MOB, and many others. We also hosted a community forum and encouraged the public to come in, voice their concerns, and allow us to address any issues they may have.