A Hoptown Chronicle advent story

Observe the spirit of Christmas before, during and after the season

Examples set by her mother and father made clear the purpose in lending a helping hand throughout the year.

The fond memories of Christmas that I hold deep within my heart were established by my parents Edward D. Snorton, an educator and coach, and Mary B. Snorton, who worked in the Christian County Clerk’s Office.

Eugenia Snorton-Davis
Eugenia Snorton-Davis

My mother and father reminded my brother and I that Christmas should be seen each day in the sense that our professional, personal and spiritual life should show those reflections in a spirit of giving. I often wondered why my parents, both public servants, always took the time to share knowledge, wisdom, warm smiles and honest conversations with everyone they met.

Our home was where the local high school band and football pre-game meal celebrations occurred, the place for setting up for school science projects, and for movie viewing – and I can’t forget all the phone calls that my mother and father engaged from many allowing them a time to vent. I am thankful that my parents allowed me to understand that only what you do for Christ will last. I find myself each day holding those memories in my heart as both my parents are in heaven smiling.

I go about my day sharing Christmas love by lending a helping hand to those in need. I now realize and understand even more that the more you give the more God gives back to you. Christmas shines brighter and brighter each year knowing that I have encouraged, uplifted and provided unwrapped gifts from my heart. I encourage others to join me in capturing this contagious spirit practicing Christmas each day.

(Eugenia Renee’ Snorton-Davis is a career coach for West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education at Austin Peay State University and Murray State University, respectively. She is married to retired Col. Reginald R. Davis. She is a member of Virginia Street Baptist Church and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.)