The National Farmers Union says farmers are underpaid because of food supply chains that are uncompetitive and fragile.
Farmers get 14 cents of every dollar spent on Thanksgiving meal
The National Farmers Union offers a free, year-long training program to help new farmers learn the business side of agriculture.
Program helps new farmers find ‘entrepreneurial edge’
The programs, set to go into effect next year, would provide incentives for producers who adopt climate-friendly practices.
USDA has $3 billion to help farmers adopt green practices, support school meal programs
The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture members addressed issues ranging from farmworker visa reform to funding for hemp research.
Conference brings ag leaders from across the country to Kentucky
One program involves a handshake, a coin and a pledge made by the person accepting the coin to reach out to someone if they are depressed or have suicidal ideation.
Kentucky is investing in several initiatives to address farmer suicide
The agency change product usage labels following the review, an EPA spokesman said.
EPA alarmed at high number of dicamba injury reports
An open letter to rural Americans emphasizes the importance of individual choice in the decision.
More than 30 agriculture groups urge rural residents to get vaccinated
Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles was the keynote speaker for the Salute to Agriculture breakfast.
Christian County agriculture awards presented
Under the program, landowners can borrow up to $600,000 to "buy out other people with claims to land, consolidate a title and clear the titles on the ground. Those farms would then become eligible for other USDA agricultural programs as well."
Loan program to help Black farmers keep land they inherited informally is finally starting
USDA also added more time for stakeholders to comment on how the department serves marginalized and vulnerable communities. The effort is a response to an executive order affecting all executive branch agencies.
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