James Roy Knight


candidate for 

James R. Knight Jr., 52, of Stone Valley Drive, owns and operates Knight Appliance. This his second run for mayor. In a special election in 2020, he lost to retired banker Wendell Lynch, a Democrat who chose not to seek re-election in 2022.

Which electoral system do you support for the city of Hopkinsville? Why?

I feel this is a question for the citizens of Hopkinsville, I would like this to be placed on the ballot for the people to decide.

What plans do you have to address blight and dilapidated structures in the city?

Work with code enforcement to levy the appropriate warnings or fines on the property owners. Work with property owners to see if there are possible grants or other investors that would be willing to help revitalize the property.

If elected, how would you help address the housing shortage?

We need to talk to the local contractors, planning commission, and home builders' association for ideas and input on the best way to offer better solutions.

If elected, how would you work together with government, nonprofit and business leaders to encourage economic development?

Open and ongoing conversations with members in each of these areas. Look to forming a committee where there can be discussions and ideas brought to the table with a working plan on how to execute this plan for the betterment of our community.

What steps would you take to reduce homelessness in our community?

Utilize agencies we already have such as Salvation Army and Micah Missions to offer a hand up to the homeless or others in need. We need to find ways to provide work force training. Research for possible grants or programs that can also teach us how to help provide needed services.

If elected, how would you help to bridge racial divides in our community?

We need to build a pathway across the community and acknowledge the divide which is the first step to creating an equitable environment for all citizens. We would make sure all voices are heard and represented to help in understanding the needs of our community. It is important for our citizens to feel celebrated.

If elected, how would you work to revitalize downtown Hopkinsville?

Work with property owners and Community and Development Services. Encourage owners to invest in their property not only for their benefit but also to help city beautification and growth.

Is there another issue not addressed in these questions that you believe is extremely important? If so, please explain it briefly.

We need to make sure we are addressing the pension and retirement for the city employees. We cannot continue to put this off as this is our responsibility to our city works and something they were promised.