Alethea M. West


candidate for 

Alethea West, 50, of Colonette Drive, is an educator and owner of Bridging Gap Learning Center. She is the first woman to run for mayor since Sherry Jeffers’ election in 1981. Jeffers was the only woman ever elected Hopkinsville mayor, and she served one term. West has served on Hopkinsville City Council since 2021. She represents Ward 3 and holds positions on the Human Rights Commission, the Long Range Planning and Coordination Committee, and the Tax Increment Finance Development Authority.

Which electoral system do you support for the city of Hopkinsville? Why?

Partisan elections. I think we have too many small issues that impact our ability to fairly engage, and we need to address those issues, before tackling voting laws.

What plans do you have to address blight and dilapidated structures in the city?

My plan is to review what we have currently done, analyze its effectiveness, hold citizens accountable according to the laws and ordinances of the city, and then work with citizens, developers and non-profits to see how we could use to improve the quality of life in Hopkinsville.

If elected, how would you help address the housing shortage?

To address the housing shortage, I will identify what the developers' and citizens need to build and acquire housing and collaborate with non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and Neighborhood Assistance Corportation of America.

If elected, how would you work together with government, nonprofit and business leaders to encourage economic development?

I would extend an invitation for collaboration, then share about the important part they play in helping our community, and together we develop a plan for economic mobility.

What steps would you take to reduce homelessness in our community?

I plan to establish a homeless coalition, that will identify, acknowledge, and create a strategic plan to address homelessness. We will never prevent or stop homelessness; however, we can come together as a community, collaborate, and pool our resources together to mitigate the problem.

If elected, how would you help to bridge racial divides in our community?

We cannot bridge a divide until we acknowledge the part, we play in creating the divide. I would work to ensure that all ward's concerns are served with the same attentiveness and quality, by monitoring the service we provide. The standard of service must be the same across the entire city.

If elected, how would you work to revitalize downtown Hopkinsville?

Through Community Development Services the City of Hopkinsville has been collaborating with the Walker Collaborative for many years to revitalize downtown, yet we are still revitalizing. First, I need to analyze the effectiveness of the current plan and from that point initiate changes.

Is there another issue not addressed in these questions that you believe is extremely important? If so, please explain it briefly.

Youth Development. ... We must invest time and money into our youth.