Beards, even with mask lines, were winners at Hoptoberfest

Twelve contestants came out for the beards contest. The audience also participated in a Hopkinsville trivia contest.
Lydia Bravard (above) made a beard from tree twigs and branches for the artificial category. Judge Joey Medeiros and emcee Brooke Jung (below) talk during a break in the contest. (Photos by Jennifer P. Brown)

The third annual Beards of the Brewery contest Saturday evening at Hopkinsville Brewing Co. capped off the two-day Hoptoberfest in downtown.

The contest attracted 12 contestants with a range of facial hair styles — including one who made a beard herself out of tree twigs and branches. 

The winners in four categories were:

  • Full Natural — Corey Cumbow, first; Gabe Adkins, second; Cody Noffinger, third.
  • Full Styled — Jackie Walker, first; Matt Bryant, second; Cody Willis, third.
  • Partial — Alek Depew, first; Joe Shelton, second.
  • Artificial — Lydia Bravard.

The judges were hairstylists Roger Tison and Daphne Shivar and brewery co-owner Joey Medeiros. Tison also works at the brewery. 

Walker also named the crowd favorite, based on applause measured on a phone app.

One concession to the coronavirus was evident in the contest. Brewery owners Medeiros and Kate Russell told the contestants they shouldn’t worry about mask lines showing on their beards. In fact, it just showed they were being safe, said Russell. 

Brooke Jung, executive director of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention and Visitors Bureau was the emcee.

Hoptown Chronicle sponsored a Hopkinsville history trivia contest during Beards of the Brewery. Ten audience members who answered questions correctly took home prizes donated by the brewery, The Peddler, Milkweed Healthy and Harmony Emporium, The Mixer, Hoptown Chronicle, the visitors bureau and City Art Series. 

Beards, even with mask lines, were winners at Hoptoberfest

Jennifer P. Brown

Jennifer P. Brown is the founder and editor of Hoptown Chronicle. You can reach her at

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