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Experts offer advice on how to avoid tick-borne illnesses.
By Kentucky Health News
Owners Fred and Sharon Wilharm are sharing their progress as they restore the 1886 building on South Main Street.
By Jennifer P. Brown
To many people, the idea of no longer to wearing masks or physically distancing is hard to reconcile with so many long months of taking precautions and sacrificing our social lives for fear of COVID-19.
By Kaiser Health News
COVID-19 coronavirus mask
Alabama pastor Ed Litton will lead the country's largest protestant denomination, signaling a defeat for the 'hard right' among its membership.
By The Rural Blog
Lawmakers will have to draw new districts to account for shifts in population, especially from more rural parts of the state in Eastern and Western Kentucky to the so-called “golden triangle” of Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky.
It’s time to shift the conversation from “the government is telling us what to do” to “how do we solve this problem together,” says a rural health leader.
By The Daily Yonder
Clark Anderson had the house constructed with hand-hewn oak beams from his great-great-great-grandfather's farm near Pembroke.
By Jennifer P. Brown
clark anderson in hemp house
As the remaining capacity limits of the pandemic are lifted later this month, some local church leaders reflect on the unprecedented challenges that social distancing brought to their communities.
Faith Lutheran Church
When officials put property records behind expensive paywalls, the public is required to purchase data that their taxes have already paid for.
By Kentucky Open Government Coalition
You wake up with a runny nose and a sore throat. In the past year, your mind would have immediately jumped to COVID-19. But if you are already fully vaccinated, you might wonder: Should I still get tested for COVID-19?
By The Conversation